Time for a Change

September 16, 2007

Apologies for not posting in a long time … I’ve been somewhat preoccupied by work matters.

The aspect of my job that I enjoy is designing and building software, and that isn’t where the main focus has been at Lloyds TSB recently. Also, I have my doubts about Lloyds’ decision to offshore some development to India. I’ve been giving a fair amount of thought to whether offshoring is really a good idea – for those affected by it I recommend Chad Fowler’s My Job Went to India: 52 Ways to Save Your Job (Pragmatic Programmers) – and it strikes me that while the immediate cost may be much lower than for UK-based consultants if you don’t keep an eye on the software quality then longer term costs may suffer. I’m also mindful of Fred Brookes’ suggestion in the Mythical Man Month that good programmers are up to 10 times more effective than mediocre ones (there are plenty of good programmers in India, but it’s important to be selective).

So when Lloyds offered my a renewal I decided not to take it. It wasn’t easy moving on – I developed a high regard for many of the people I worked with (freelance and permanent) and wish them well.

I now have a new challenge at Carphone Warehouse working on architecture/design, which I’m enjoying.

The other area that I feel needs a change is this blog. There are a number of technical posts I’ve been thinking of writing, but it doesn’t seem appropriate to mix them with more general interest posts. So I’m going to keep this blog for general stuff and will start a separate blog for posts on software design/development. When it’s up, I’ll post the link here.