Thinking about this Blog

When I started this blog back in October I considered these themes:
– “The Devil(‘s) in the Detail”
– “Constant Learning”
– “Time Flies” (= how to save it, or use it better)
– “Practical Technology”
But ultimately I decided to go with the (safe) option of “Mostly software and security” as that’s what I spend most of my time focusing on.

I am finding that the topics I’m choosing to write about aren’t necessarily the ones that I would have predicted, and the process is helping me to clarify what it is that I find interesting, and that matters to me. My day job is in “enterprise” IT which is usually about increasing efficiency and/or market share for the client. It’s important for me that I keep learning, and follow the trends of where the skills market is heading, as well as the techniques for developing software more quickly/cheaply/enjoyably. As a consumer, I believe that technology should make my life easier/simpler/more enjoyable, and I find that it’s usually the points of detail that make the difference here (in particular with usability). I also have to juggle time between my day job, my family, and projects that are strategic for my company so how I manage my time is important.


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