On the BBC Suspending its Jam Service

Mike Arrington reports that the BBC has suspended its Jam service following complaints to the European Commission. This doesn’t appear to be the same project that Mike mentioned at FOWA,
but it covers roughly the same territory; as he puts it “the BBC is struggling with its boundaries and what types of services it can offer”.

The BBC account of the suspension notes that under BBC’s charter the Corporation is charged with promoting learning for school-aged children. BBC Jam was aimed at meeting that requirement.

My own experience of the BBC’s sites for children (through my own family) is that they are very well done. If they weren’t then the privately funded companies probably wouldn’t have such an issue.

So personally, I would like to see educational material of this quality continue to be available. However, the boundaries do need to be set so that the startups know where they can compete, or a different funding model needs to be considered for those activities that are less closely tied to the BBC’s traditional programme output.


One Response to On the BBC Suspending its Jam Service

  1. Peter Evans says:

    Not only has the BBC suspended its ‘BBC Jam’ Digital Curriculum service but from the end of March the educational TV programmes that BBC Jam was intended to replace will also stop being made and the staff who made them will be made redundant. This also means that, by suspending BBC Jam and stopping school TV production within a few days of each other, the BBC, at a stroke, now makes no new formal education material at all for children and schools, something that’s been an essential part of its public service remit for 50 years. Time to make a fuss, write to MPs, BBC Trust, etc.

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