Last week

At work and home we seem to be firmly into the pre-Christmas build up. At work, we are tying up loose ends on requirements gathering, and there is a seasonal increase of eating and drinking out.

The main stories I noticed last week were in politics:

Gordon Brown announced his pre-budget report, which seemed designed to counter the Tories’ pledge to increase green taxes while consolidating his position as outgoing Chancellor and future Prime Minister; however Gordon Brown is likely to have a difficult time as PM, assuming that he does achieve his goal.

Tony Blair was in America for the first time since harsh comments by a State Department advisor on the UK-US “special relationship”. During the press conference, the BBC’s Nick Robinson questioned President Bush on why he described the situation in Iraq as merely “unsettling” (video footage is available via the link).

And following on from developments into the investigation of Alexander Litvinenko’s poisoning, Newsnight reported that detectives were still trying to track down Transaero plane “EIDDK”, and asked any plane spotter viewers to e-mail the programme if they saw it. Spy Blog reports that the Government has issued an exemption against sections 13 and 14 of the Radioactive Substances Act 1993, which covers accumulation and disposal of radioactive material.


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