Checking book prices from your mobile phone

I’m on the way down to Bristol this morning with a couple of colleagues, and as the train was delayed we paid a visit to W H Smith. They are doing a deal on books: buy one, get the second half price.

I remembered reading about a service that allows you to check book prices by text message, but didn’t have the name to hand. Anyway, the service is Txtbux, and it gives you the current prices from

It’s easy to use:

1. Enter basic registration details

2. Confirm registration code sent to your phone

3. Send a text message: txtbux <ISBN number> to the Txtbux SMS number (standard message rates)

Here’s an example reply:

Schott's Almanac 2007
by Ben Schott: £7.65
(Save 55%) in 24hrs.
Pstg £2.16+59p/book=
£10.40 total. Added to
your list @

Txtbux makes its money from Amazon referral fees, so the site is relying on you to click through from your saved search list to Amazon if you decide to buy the book.


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