The First Month

So, I wrote the first post just over a month ago and since then I’ve added entries on surveillance, music, security and social software.

I assumed when I started out that the logical choice was to focus on technology (since that’s my job), but I haven’t written about this (specifically software) as much I was expecting. At the moment I get paid to design and build enterprise software, not blog, and I’ve found that my posts have been more about what I discover outside of work. However, I’ve still got some ideas along the lines of lessons learned, and trends, and the 1000ft view of software development that I plan to cover.

I’ve found that putting together a coherent post can take a while (the last one took me 3 hours), and I’m working on integrating the writing into my routine.

My most popular post so far was the coverage of Social by Design. It seems to me that timeliness of coverage is important, so I’m going to work at this, as well as posting more frequently.


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