Blogroll Updated

As well as updating the About page, I have added some of my feeds to the Blogroll. Here’s a summary:

There are two feeds from Ryan Carson and co. from Carson Systems, namely Bare Naked App and Vitamin. Ryan’s posts on the process of building and latterly negotiating to sell DropSend have been very enlightening, and I’ve been impressed with the way that he has been prepared to share figures that I think other companies would guard jealously. I’ve signed up for the UK Future of Web Apps conference in February. (The podcasts from previous FOWA conferences are highly recommended.)

There are a couple of feeds associated with UK innovation: Beers and Innovation, and TechCrunch UK. It’s encouraging to see increasing awareness around the talent that we have in the UK.

I don’t recall how I came across JP Rangaswami’s blog, Confused of Calcutta, but I enjoy his writing style and he explores a variety of topics which often give me food for thought.

Joel Spolsky, Eric Sink and Michael Lopp a.k.a. Rands in Repose all provide practical enlightenment on software engineering and other matters. I came across these from reading Joel’s compilation: “The Best Software Writing”. Then there are a number of feeds that cover trends: Dion Hinchcliffe’s Web 2.0 blog, O’Reilly Radar, Esther Dyson’s Release 0.9 and Don Dodge onThe Next Big Thing (Don is a Director in Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team).

Jeremy Wagstaff writes for the BBC and the Wall Street Journal, and covers a variety of technology topics in his Loose Wire blog; I also find TechBeat and Tech Dirt good for general technology news.

Niall Kennedy covers “Blogs, search, RSS, Atom …” (areas I’m currently following closely) as well as “… business news and general geekery”.

As a developer I have come across Kathy Sierra’s “Head First Design Patterns” book, and then I saw her speak at at Ruby on Rails conference in London back in September. She and her colleagues focus on “how the brain works and how to exploit it for better learning and memory”. Finally, I’ve included links to David Heinemeier Hansson and Simon Willison. David is the creator of the Ruby on Rails framework and member of the 37 Signals (blog) team. I don’t claim to be fully immersed in Rails development yet (which is where his blog generally focuses), but I have included this because David does come up with gems that are applicable to non-Rails frameworks. Simon is creator of the Python-based Django framework, and works at Yahoo; his blog covers some very informative technical stuff around web applications.

(Updated: There aren’t going to be any more posts to Bare Naked App, so I’ve replaced this with the link to Carsonified.)


One Response to Blogroll Updated

  1. Mel Kirk says:

    Hi Andrew,

    We’re really pleased that you’re able to make it to Future of Web Apps in February – we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

    Mel : )

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