Discovering Music

When I was at school I played the piano and ‘cello, and sang in various choirs. Although I don’t have much time to pursue these now, I still enjoy discovering new pieces of music. The BBC has an excellent series called Discovering Music, which includes shows in RealAudio format from Charles Hazelwood and Stephen Johnson, and covers mainly classical music.

For more popular music, Pandora recommends other pieces of music with a similar structure to the one that you specify. This is one of those rare cases when something actually works better than you think it’s going to.

A while ago Michael Robertson wrote a piece highlighting the potential for your DRM-protected music to become useless if the service that confirms your right to use it is interrupted for any reason:

It’s a stark illustration that buying DRM songs is really a rental not a purchase because someone else controls your access to the property”.

He includes links to a number of DRM-free sites.

Any recommendations for other sites providing good quality, (legal,) DRM-free music would be welcome.


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